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Make money as a Tinder Photographer

1. Learn everything that is important to know about dating photography in our Tinder photos course.

After that, choose between these 2 options:

2.1. Learn how to get clients yourself with our business marketing course or

2.2. If you prefer to focus on photography, apply to become a Tinder photographer with us and get clients right away.


1.Online Course:
How to take Tinder photos - For Photographers

Expand your portfolio and learn all tips and tricks on taking amazing Tinder photos, so you can provide your clients with valuable photos that get them matches.

Investment: 490 €


2.1.Online Course:
How to get clients as a Tinder photographer

So you have the skills, but don't know how to get clients as a Tinder photographer? In this course, I will share with you all my secrets on how I built a 6 figure business.

Investment: 1999 €


Become a Tinder photogapher with us

After taking our course "How to take Tinder photos", apply to become a Tinder photographer with us to start receiving clients right away.

If accepted, you get your money for the course back.

Get in touch to get started

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you soon.

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