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Tinder in Hamburg: Dating Experiences of Expats

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Dating Photos for Tinder in Hamburg
Photo by Alexander Wendt

Gentlemen of Hamburg! Ever wonder what dating is like for expats in the city? Read on for the uncensored stories.

  • Lola, 25, Manager living near the Hauptbahnhof: Okcupid. When I moved alone to germany last 2018, I downloaded the app because I want to talk to native german speakers. He was the first german I’ve met personally through the app. Wasn’t expecting anything actually, just want to sharpen my german skills. When I met him, instead of speaking german we just talked in english and there were sparks all overand such, luckily he felt the same way. Then we went out more and made it official. Now we’re almost 2 years. I’m pretty lucky I found him.

  • Anna, 26, Assistant living in Eimsbüttel: I met my husband here on tinder so I guess it’s fine lmao.

  • Janice, 31, Designer living in Hafencity: Happily married with a baby girl on the way. Surprising given that I wasn’t planning on staying in Hamburg for more than a year! Just got to have fun and stay open to the endless possibilities that await you 🙂

  • Leo, 38, Software Engineer living in Altstadt:  In my opinion, the girls find it temporarily charming if you’re a foreigner with a cute accent. Unless you’ve got a really solid job lined up, a solid social circle and are busy with hobbies, the women won’t really notice you. Being completely fluent in German is also a big plus, otherwise they won’t really take you terribly seriously.

  • Rachel, 35, Editor living in Sternschanze: Compared to Berlin is wonderful, I found my bf here on my first date in Hamburg.

  • Andy, 32, Freelancer living in Eimsbüttel: Its the same everywhere. Personality is more important.

  • Olli, 29, Journalist living in Altstadt: For me, due to irredeemable cultural differences it’s been pretty awkward in most (although, not all) cases. But it seems some Germans have a background either living temporarily or having some sort of connection to the Americas, and thus why some of them adapt to said differences. What seems quite peculiar to me is that it’s quite an objective oriented thing. It isn’t as in “Let’s see where this leads us in the future” (in the case that there’s chemistry,) but rather as with a clear objective in mind. 

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