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Tinder in Hamburg #1: Best First Date Locations for Online Dates

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Dating Photos for Tinder in Hamburg
Photo by Jessica Klausner

Gentlemen of Hamburg! Need ideas for where to go on a first Tinder date in Hamburg? Check out these 8 ideas – shared by ladies in Hamburg as their favourites.

  1. Marie: Two romantic and cool locations: 1. Café open until the night “Deichdiele“. 2. Landhaus Flottbek Hygge Style Brasseriebar open until 9:30 pm. Also nice: just make one of the boat trips that are available… have a nice time.

  2. Lady: Boilerman Bar. Whiskey version or the hafen city version, depends on your style.

  3. Daria: The Hamburg coffee festival is happening next weekend. Seems like it would be a fun event if both enjoy a cup of joe.

  4. Diane: Pink palace.

  5. Yas: Check You’ll find some interesting events.

  6. Daniela: A cozy café/restaurant or sightseeing n outdoor locations with awesome views or even the perfect spot for a first kiss !?!

  7. Katharina: Trattoria Calabria.

  8. Amanda: Just take her/him to your universe … A place that fits you ! That person would learn a lot more about you than the best place/event in town ! 20up is always a good idea by the way 🙂

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