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Tinder in Frankfurt: Do’s & Don’ts in Dating Profiles

Updated: May 18

In my recent interview with Datingroo, I reveal the top Do’s & Don’ts for your online dating profile on Tinder and share example photos. Here is how you can improve your Tinder profile in Frankfurt am Main:

1.Good quality vs. bad quality Tinder photos

✔ DO! Sharp and bright photos are more attractive. It portrays the person clearly. 

✘ DON’T! Blurry photos are not as engaging in dating profiles. If the quality is bad, you will look bad too.

2.Look natural vs. look posed on your dating photos

✔ DO! A picture in the moment is something that works well on dating profiles. It looks relaxed and natural.

✘ DON’T! Unless you are a professional model, don’t pose for the dating profile picture. It looks like you are trying too much to impress

3.Colourful vs. dreary Tinder pictures

✔ DO! Put some colours in your dating life. Even if you are not really a “colourful clothes” person, add some details to the black or white – a red scarf, a yellow hat or anything with colours.

✘ DON’T Even if you are wearing something colourful on the dating profile pictures, make sure it doesn’t look dreary. Poppy colours are more engaging.

4.Picture by someone else vs. mirror selfie

✔ DO! Do not hesitate to ask a friend to take a photo of you. Have some fun together and take some in the moment photos like this one. It will work well on your dating profile. 

✘ DON’T Mirror selfies with bad lightning are the worst choice for an online dating profile photo. They look like you don’t care about it and like you are not making an effort to get a good match.

5.Smiley face vs. serious on your Tinder profile

✔ DO! Show that you like to laugh. Who doesn’t love that? You are a happy, satisfied, attractive person – show it and meet someone like you in the online dating world. 

✘ DON’T This attitude won’t get many matches, don’t you think? Even if you are a very serious person in general, this is not the way you should portray it.

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