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Tinder in Budapest: 5 Tips That Actually Help You Find Dates

Updated: May 2

Dating Photos for Tinder in Berlin
Photo by Sophia Isabella

Dating life with Tinder in Budapest doesn’t have the best reputation. It is difficult to find dates on your own. You’re isolated within your work-space or studies, especially during the time of social-distancing, and dating your colleagues might be a little awkward. 

Finding dates doesn’t have to be difficult though, there is hope for all the lonely hearts. In the age of social media and dating apps, such as Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble and other dating platforms, you will find it easier than ever before to find dates. These tips will help you find your perfect match on Tinder in Budapest without even leaving the comfort of your home.

1. Find the best dating app to meet interesting women on Tinder in Budapest

To find a date that matches you, you’ll have to find the right-tailored app. Tinder is popular, as is Bumble and OkCupid. Tinder in Budapest is especially booming at the moment. The chances of finding someone right for you are higher now than ever before. These apps do however usually target younger adults and students. If you’re interested in dates that target a more mature audience, you might want to look at dating platforms such as Parship, ElitePartner or Lovoo. But don’t worry, anyone can make a Tinder profile as the range of people is expanding every day as its app grows in popularity.

2. Create a Tinder profile that shows your personality

You can’t leave you profile blank. Your potential dates will look at not just your picture, but also at your profile to see if you have anything in common. An emoji-filled description and clichés are a no go. You want to stand out and have a profile with; “Looking for my next true love. Is it you?”. It won’t get you far. 

Share a little bit about yourself, but not too much. Keep it short, specific and briefly describe your hobbies, work and likes. Be witty and yourself. Your profile can also be an icebreaker, which leads to my next tip.

3. Create a connection by messaging them first on Bumble

Don’t be shy and write a potential date first. It shows that you’re confident and your match might be keyboard shy. Address their profile and do not send them just a “hi” message. If their profile displays any sports, ask them about it. If they have a pet on their picture, ask them what its name is. Address anything on the picture that might have caught your attention.

4. Get a second opinion from your Budapest friends on your Tinder or Bumble profile

Your friends might see something that your profile that lacks. After all, your friends know you better than you know yourself. You might also downplay your qualities without knowing or you forgot an important detail about yourself. Friends also tend to know what makes you different from others, which will make you stand out amongst the other fishes in the sea on Tinder in Budapest.

5. Get more matches with your attractive profile pictures

This is the most important tip out of them all. Your profile picture is like a business card, you need to invest in a good one so that it catches the interest of potential dates. You want to make a good impression because they will see your face first. You can be handsome or beautiful, but with bad lightning and awkward posing you’ll have a hard time getting any matches (see our article on Do’s and Don’ts in Profiles). This also goes the other way around. Professional photoshoots will do wonders to one’s features and we can help you with that one easily. With our help, you’ll get attention-grabbing and professionally looking photos in one session without looking staged. Just reach out to us and you will find dates in no time.

And if you want to upgrade your online dating profile and get better photos, we are here for you in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart, Vienna, Zurich, other European cities & the US.

Just reach out to us and send us an email at

Guest article by Charlotte

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