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Tinder in Berlin: Tips For More Success On Your Online Dating Apps

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Tinder and Dating Photos in Berlin and Hamburg
Photo by Nico Linde

Ladies on Tinder in Berlin have seen it all on online dating apps. Read on to find their best tips for improving your profile & dates.

  1. Nelly, 46, Teacher living in Reinickendorf: It would be nice to ask intelligent questions.

  2. Sara, 21, Student living in Neukölln: Funny and original description. And be super clear about what you want.

  3. Ama, 30, Piercer living in Neukölln: Be nice with women, don’t talk too much about yourself and don’t ask for sex or coming over to your/her place on a first date. If she wants that, she will let you know herself.

  4. Precious, 25, Student living in Friedrichshain: At the very least, have more than two pics.

  5. Annie, 30, Graphic Designer living in Schöneberg: Be straightforward about what you’re looking for, but polite – nobody likes a nasty sex message (even if looking for sex themselves), or a person who talks down people before matching (for example, “no shallow people please” lol)

  6. Lena, 30, Social Worker living in Friedrichshain: Mh…something short and funny, which includes their interests. Don’t like it if guys describe how the girl they are looking for should be, bec in the end you always have to get to know each other in person…and I personally think having a “type” is bullshit.

  7. Valene, 33, Freelancer living in Prenzlauer Berg: Dont be a douche bag. Within 10 minutes of switching to WhatsApp they try to send shirtless and dick pics. Your dick is small…put it away. EFFORT is essential. (Dating Photographer comments: lol)

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