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5 Tips To Get More Dates On Dating Apps or Offline

Updated: May 16

Dating can feel like a daunting task. However, there are ways to meet new people online or offline and make meaningful connections. Here are five tips to enhance your dating journey and elevate your chances of finding that special someone:

1. Become the best version of yourself first

On the one hand, you are perfect the way you are, and there IS someone out there who will appreciate you just as you are (I mean, there are 7 billion people out there). But working on yourself and becoming the best version of yourself will put you in the best possible spot to attract the right person. Read books or watch videos on YouTube related to self-development. Have a growth mindset. Get a makeover and spice up your clothing attire a bit (we have an awesome stylist in the team, if you need help with that). Hit the gym, not because of vanity reasons, but to feel happy and healthy. Browse Reddit on topics you struggle with (there is great advice out there if you look enough). Go to therapy. DON'T pay some "coach" thousands of dollars; there is enough free info out there.

2. Leave your house

Do anything. Join an improv class (it's a great way to not only meet women but also make new friends, who in turn might have other friends who you might hit it off romantically) or go to a comedy show (there are so many free/donation-based shows in any big city. Just check Facebook events). Go to a hiking meetup or join a lunch on Wednesdays with Timeleft. Anything to meet people because if you stay at home, you will definitely not meet anyone.

3. Read dating tips

Dating can be hard and is a whole skill in itself. How do you text someone? How should you behave on dates? How to get more confident? There is so much great advice out there from YouTube channels to books. When it comes to texting, here is where many people fail to secure a date because they overthink or have fears which leads them to play it too cool. One account that I LOVE (and is entertaining) too is @alittlenudge on Instagram. This dating coach shares snippets of people's conversations and explains why something is good or not. You’ll learn a lot that will help you get more dates!

4. Opt for a casual first date

I’m not a big fan of dinner dates because there is the "Who Pays?" question and also sitting across from a stranger can be awkward at times. It's much more casual and easier to speak to someone if you are doing something or moving. So when you suggest a first date, I’d advise getting an ice cream or a beer and going for a walk. I love this because it’s an activity that doesn’t have to take long, so it can give both people an easy out if they want to leave. And it’s also less awkward talking to someone when you are moving and looking straight ahead. Moving our bodies will also make us less nervous.

BONUS TIP: Include this date idea already in your dating profile. For example: "On a mission to find the best ice cream in town!" This way there is already a potential, very casual date idea when you start messaging with someone.

5. Improve your dating app profile

If you are a guy and are struggling with getting matches on the apps, you are not alone. It's super tough out there for many men, and it's often because they have low-quality and outdated photos. Having a high-quality and attractive photo of you will make a world of difference. Ask a friend with an iPhone to take some photos of you or get in touch with us to take your photos.

We organize photo shootings in cities in Europe and the US with local photographers.👇

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