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This gorgeous lady met her significant other on Tinder while on holiday in Ibiza. It was his first ever Tinder date! They hit it off, now they live in Valencia with their two dogs.

This guy went from having 0 matches to 30 matches a day with his new dating photos. He eventually met his current girlfriend and they now live together in Berlin. His girlfriend said it was this photo that made her swipe right.

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Frequently Asked Questions 😘

How long is a photo session?

A session is between 60 or 90 minutes. We will not stop the photo session the second the time is over, the important thing is to get good photos. Normally, 90 minutes is more than enough to get a big variety of amazing photos. If you have any wishes like a location change or special place, please let us know in advance.

How many photos will I get?

You will get at least 20 photos as JPEGs. However, unlike other photographers, we will send you all the good photos at not extra cost.

How much does a photo session cost?

Please send us a message via our form for more info.

Do you do post editing?

We only do light color correction on the photos, as it must look natural.

May I have the Raw Files?

As is common practice among photographers, we do not give out the Raw Files. Sending out raw files is like delivering an unfinished product and we only want to send you beautiful images which meet our service quality standards. You receive high quality images as JPEGs.

What should I bring to the photo session?

We will send you a guide with what to bring before the photo shooting. In general, best to bring tops in different colors: light, dark and something colorful that matches your skin tone. T-shirts and buttoned shirts are good. The combo of hoodie and cool jacket made of leather or jeans works a dream. For the bottom, just wear dark jeans or trousers. And wear your nicest shoes!

Where will we meet for the photo session?

We have a few locations that we usually go to and I recommend to go to those since we already know what works well. However, of course it can be at any location you desire.

How will you send the photos afterwards?

We send you the photos via WeTransfer to your email, 3-4 days after the photo shooting.

What to do if I am nervous?

Don’t worry, most people are nervous before the photo shoot and our photographer is there to make you comfortable! You will spend the first 5 minutes chatting and warming up to each other and then taking a couple of test shots. You will get into it quickly, and seriously, most people are surprised with how much fun it is!

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