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What to wear and bring

At the photo shoot you will chat the first few minutes with the photographer to warm up to each other before walking around the area and taking photos with different backgrounds.


Are you feeling nervous? Don't worry, everybody feels that way and our photographer is there to make you feel comfortable. They will tell you how to stand and where to look. Most people even enjoy it by the end of the photo shoot!


Bring a variety of clothes, for example t-shirts, shirts and sweaters in light, dark and colorful colors that match your skin tone and fit you well. Dark trousers or jeans and boots usually always work. For outdoors, bring the nicest jacket you have.

Things that we have seen work well in the past are a combination of hoodie and leather jacket, v-neck tops and a beanie (cap).

Make sure to iron your clothes beforehand! It really does not look good if the clothes are really wrinkly.


  • Head: Keep it tidy and if you get a haircut, do it at least a few days before the photo shoot, so it can grow out a little bit and look natural.

  • Beard: Keep it tidy and trim it if needed.

  • Eyebrows: Make sure your eyebrows are tidy (if you have a monobrow - that means hair in the middle of your eyebrows - we recommend to get it plucked beforehand. Unless of course it's a style thing!)


These are just some examples of things you may bring in order to show your interests and hobbies in the photos:

  • Big headphones

  • Laptop

  • Bicycle, motorbike or skateboard

  • Instruments

  • Other gadgets from your hobbies like basketball or bouldering equipment

  • Funny party accessories

  • A big baguette for silly photos? Bring it on!

You can find a more detailed styling guide here.


Extra Support

Do you need any other help like for styling, hair or with skin issues? Let us know beforehand at so we can support you on that.

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