Tinder in Sydney #1: Best First Date Locations for Online Dates

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Dating Photos for Tinder in Hamburg
Photo by Sophia Isabella

Just met a great person online on Tinder with your new dating photos but have no idea on where to take them in Sydney? That’s okay!

We asked our friends so you don’t have to.

Janet, 26, Graphic Designer: “I’m a big fan of romantic dates so I would say maybe wine and dine? A good spot is the restaurant Farmhouse Kings Cross, they have a set menu which takes care of a lot of time wasted on choosing what to eat”

Other great restaurants: Altitude Restaurant, Est. Restaurant, O Bar and Dining, and Fish at the Rocks.

Thomas, 32, Business Owner: “Took a lady once to The Royal Botanic Gardens, she had mentioned that she loved the outdoors and nature and all that. So I took her there, we passed by a store before to buy some things to eat, kind of like a picnic”

Other great outdoors spots: Observatory Hill, Wattamolla, Balls Head, and Cockatoo Island.

Emily, 22, Student: “A guy took me one day to watch the sunset on deck of a Manly Ferry, the sun setting behind the skyline was marvellous”

Other sunset spots: Sydney Harbour Bridge, or any Sydney beach.

Lachlan, 38, Engineer: “Nothing better and simpler than just getting a cocktail. I like the Sweethearts Rooftop at Potts Point Hotel.”

Other places for a Cocktail: Glenmore, Beach Club, The Bucket List, and Coogee Pavilion.

Isabella, 27, Commercial Model: “I like going to the Blacktown Drive-In Cinema, I think it’s a great idea for a fun date night, not to mention it’s more comfortable being in your own car away from curious eyes.”

Other unique cinemas: Hayden Orpheun, Govind’s, and Golden Age Cinema.

Joshua, 33, Photographer: “I usually take my first dates to eat a good gelato, my favorite is Aqua S. girls love it because it’s ‘Instagram Worthy’”

Other delicious sweet places: Cow and the Moon, and The Local Mbassy.

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