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Better Photos for Tinder in Paris

Get dating photos for Tinder in Paris by a professional Tinder photographer

Tinder Photos in Paris

90 minutes & 20 images + 10 free if you leave a review

✔️Portrait & full-body photos

✔️Natural Photos, as if a buddy took it, meaning unposed pictures where you are doing something

✔️Showing your hobby or doing something interesting

✔️Pictures that create emotion (i.e. a humorous picture or pictures with a dog)

✔️Different backgrounds

✔️Various outfits, as if taken on different days

✔️Having a drink, either a bottle from a Kiosk or sitting on a terrace

How It Works


1.Reserve a date

Reserve a date and time below. We will get back to you to confirm the location.

2.Photo Shoot

Meet for your 90-minute photo session with a photographer who will guide you every step of the way.


3.Start Swiping

Receive your photos to add to your profile, and start swiping!

What our Clients say about us

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If you're wondering if Dating Photos are for you...


This is for you if...

  • You want to get your ideal match
  • You don't have hours to spend testing what works on dating apps

  • You don't want to waste money on premium features that don't work

  • You don't have friends who have the skills to take attractive photos of you

  • You don't have any photos of yourself

  • The only photos you have are low-quality and unattractive

  • You want to feel good about your Tinder profile

  • You want to get more suitable matches

  • You want to feel more confident going on dates

This is not for you if...

  • You have hours of time to spare to research and test what works on dating apps

  • You have friends who have the skills and photography equipment to take attractive photos of you

  • You don't mind spending hours swiping and getting little results
  • You already have a bunch of up-to-date high-quality photos yourself
  • You don't care if you look unattractive in your Tinder profile
  • You want to keep using the same low quality photos
  • You don't use dating apps
  • You don't mind wasting your time chatting with bad matches
  • You want any kind of nude photos (we do not do that)
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